About Us

Who am I?

Marine Corp Veteran

I served in the Marine Corps for four years with 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines in Hawaii. The job I held while in the service was a Data Network Specialist or your what you would call “your glorified IT guy”. Over those four years, I deployed twice to Afghanistan during Enduring Freedom.


Family Man

So far, I have been married to my wife Kayla for eight years and we have a son named Leo who is almost 2. The dude is a little stud! We love snowboarding, camping, and just hanging out with friends.


Work Life

Been a Cobra Admin since 2014 and I just love the system. Over the years I have had to train individuals and one day it dawned on me that the training I was providing actually worked. Then I started noticing that more and more people were wanting similar training. Hence the reason for starting Stark Data Services is so that I could make this training available to anyone. These trainings are made with a service mindset. They are for you, not me. I hope you enjoy them.

Companies I Have Supported